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General Surgery in Iran


General Surgery in Iran is often described as treatments that involve operative procedures. You can find all types of General surgery procedures in Iran ranging from operations related to stomach, gall bladder, liver, varices, thyroid gland, lungs, mammography procedures and hernia and many more.

The scope of general surgery in Iran

Alimentary Tract, Abdomen and its Contents, Breast, Skin and Soft Tissue, Endocrine System, Surgical Critical Care, Surgical Oncology, Trauma, anatomy, physiology, epidemiology, immunology, pathology, esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, thyroid gland, Vascular Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Burns, Endocrine system, including thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, endocrine pancreas etc. are involved in the General Surgeries of Iran.

The field of general surgery as a specialty comprises, but is not limited to, the performance of operations and procedures relevant to the content areas listed above. It is expected that the certified surgeon will also have additional knowledge and experience.

Iranian surgeons with the highest qualifications are uniquely distinguished throughout the world. They are trained to be outstanding and prominent clinicians who are able to provide excellent surgical care. The expansive hands on training of surgeons in Iran emphasizes on compassion, responsiveness, accountability and responsibility with respect for diversity of patients.

General Surgeons in IRAN are part of IRANIAN ASSOCIATION OF SURGONS, a professional association established with the intend to expand the knowledge and practical skills of the surgeons. The association consists of surgeons with extensive experience and expertise, who specialize in several surgical fields, publishing multiple research papers and studies each year. These surgeons are all of the highest academic excellence, expert technical skills in clinical research with up to date understanding and knowledge of contemporary practices in surgery.

hospitals also meets the highest world standards in general surgery in Iran. With high end technology, excellent medical care and top notch treatment, they provide the patient who seek high care with a relaxing environment for the rest they need with a very affordable price.

Pupular sub Categories

Abdominal Surgery

Abdominal organs consist of the small and large intestine, spleen, stomach, appendix, liver, gallbladder and more. Any surgery that is related to these abdominal organs is called abdominal surgery. There are definitely a wide variety of abdominal surgeries and they often involve extracting some or all parts of an abdominal organ. Although this types of surgeries are not suitable for any patient that is having a problem with their abdominal organ, when abdominal surgery is possible, it is very effective and safe and can be life changing for many patients.

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Breast Surgery

Breast surgeries are very popular nowadays and we can see the incredible popularity of making the breast surgery industry very beneficial to the investors. Breast surgeries include breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction and of course more important surgeries that deal with diseases and breast cancer. Women who are not satisfied with their breasts shapes and size can use many options for breast cosmetic surgeries. In order to treat diseases and cancer, more serious surgeries with obvious risks are needed that in some cases involves removing parts of the breast.

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Skin and Soft Tissue Surgery

Skin and soft tissue surgeries are related to any surgery on the skin and muscles of different parts of the body. There are a wide variety of skin diseases and problems that many people suffer from. This includes tumors growing below the skin, tumors growing in muscles, different kinds of skin burns, infections and more. Surgeons use many tools to provide a good service for patients who have a problem with their skin or other soft tissues. These surgeries are usually very safe and have low risk.

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Endocrine System Surgery

Any surgery that is related to endocrine organs is called endocrine surgery. The focus in this type of surgery is on maintaining the balance and metabolism of the body. These organs are some of the most important glands in the body and they are vital for keeping the balance of the homeostasis. These organs or glands together called the endocrine system and the surgery related to this system is called endocrine system surgery that depending on the different parts of the body can be a safe or risky surgery.

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Surgical Oncology

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Treating cancer is one of the most challenging medical and surgical procedures and every year many people die from failed treatments. Benefiting from surgery for treating cancer is called surgical oncology. These surgeries involve extracting tumors and other problematic parts of the body. Unfortunately, in just some cases surgery is an option for treating cancer; in other situations like blood cancer, there isn’t a tumor or mass that can be extracted using surgery. These kinds of surgeries can be helpful with diagnosing the parts of the body with cancer.

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Trauma Surgery

Trauma surgery is one of the main branches of the medical and surgical industry and it is one of the most popular surgeries performed around the world. The trauma injuries can often happen by a car or bus accident, gunshot or stabbing wound or cutting some parts of the body with sharp objects. In order to a trauma surgery be ready to be performed, a team of surgeons including a trauma surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, vascular surgeon and more is needed.

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Esophagus Surgery

Cancer of esophagus can be deadly and surgery is the most effective and common way of treating this kind of cancer. In some cases, surgery can’t be enough and other kinds of treatments like radiation therapy and of course, chemotherapy is needed. This surgery can be quiet dangerous and may cause other side effects for the patients but nowadays it is safer than ever and surgeons are using the latest technologies to safely remove the problematic part or parts.

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Stomach Surgery

Stomach or bariatric surgery is mainly related to weight loss and lowering the risk of having obesity and a high weight. Stomach surgeries are very popular these days and a lot of people use them to have a better appearance and a healthy life. One of the main types of stomach surgery is related to limiting the size of the stomach and as a result, you can eat less and have a better shape. Another type is related to lowering the ability to absorb the food

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Small Bowel Surgery

Small bowel is one of the most important parts of the body and damaged small bowel can be very dangerous for your health. A surgery on small bowel that remove some parts of it, can be very effective and drastically help to recover from bad situations. These bad situations includes bleeding, cancer, blocked intestines and more. But like other heavy surgeries, small bowel surgery can have a lot of risks like infection, stroke, heart attack, blood clots and more.

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Colon Surgery

Bowel and colon diseases can be very dangerous and put your life at a serious risk. If your colon or rectum don’t work properly then you need an immediate colon or bowel resection surgery to stop it from getting worse. If you have colon cancer if you suffer from a blockage in your colon and have severe bleeding, then your doctor would likely recommend you colon surgery. This surgery can be very risky but in this day and age, it is safer than ever.

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Liver Surgery

Liver cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that a lot of people suffer from and one of the most common ways of treating liver cancer is liver surgery. If you or one of your relatives have liver cancer, he or she should immediately talk to a specialist to see whether liver surgery is necessary or not. If the tumor is not grown into any blood vessels, it can be removed by a mostly safe and successful surgery named partial hepatectomy.

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Gallbladder Surgery

The gallbladder is an essential part of the body and it is storing a fluid that can make digesting food very easy. But if there is a dangerous situation, the gallbladder can be removed from your body completely. If gallbladder doesn’t work properly, gallstones will be formed that can be dangerous. In these situations, a gallbladder surgery takes place to remove this part and stop it from forming gallstones. Doctors can do this by open surgery or a laparoscopic cholecystectomy that is also called keyhole surgery.

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Bile Ducts Surgery

bile ducts cancer is a very hard to cure cancer and many doctors agree that the most effective way of treating this cancer is bile ducts surgery. If you have bile duct cancer, then you should definitely consider bile ducts surgery to immediately extract the diseased part of the bile duct. This kind of surgery is often quite complex and you should find an experienced surgeon to do this. If bile duct cancer is too advanced and the tumor can’t be removed, then you should use other less effective treatments.

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Pediatric Surgery

There are a lot of children in need of surgical treatments around the world and pediatric surgeries are very sensitive and should be performed by an experienced surgeon in the specific pediatric clinics and hospitals. Pediatric surgery can be very challenging and the surgeon needs to use special techniques to overcome it and provide a safe and effective surgery for children who suffer from various types of diseases. These diseases include trauma, vascular problems, oncologic diseases, pectus excavatum, thoracic problems and more.

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Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgery also known as chest surgery is one of the most complex and challenging surgeries around the world. Thoracic includes the organs in the chest, the trachea, chest wall, esophagus and more. For a thoracic surgery, one surgeon isn’t enough and in an ideal way, there should be three or more surgeon who has different opinions about the patient’s situation. Surgeons should use new and innovative techniques to provide a safe and risk-free surgery that patients can easily recover from.

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Medical Tourism in Iran

Iran is a big country in the Middle East of Asia, with a considerable history in medicine and treatment. Famous doctors such as Abu-Ali-Sina and medical instructors like Zakaria Razi, discoverer of alcohol, lived in this country. Nowadays, Iran is one of the major medical centers in the region and also in the world, due to the fact that it has well-equipped treating centers, trained personnel, experienced specialists and doctors and also offers very logic prices. Cosmetic surgery and beauty and plastic treatments can be described as the biggest reason for the medical trips to Iran. Along with the modern and advanced knowledge Iranian specialists in the treatment of infertility and related problems, over 500,000 people from all over the world travel to Iran from the Arab and Asian countries every year.
Many hospitals in Iran have a separating section for the treatment of international patients. This service along with trained personnel provides patients resident and special care services based on their needs. All of these centers are under the direct supervision of the Iranian Ministry of Health and have received standards in this regard.
By the use of mentioned advantages and making use of the latest medical, tourism and management methods, Noor Medical Center tries to provide the customers a very good and regular travelling plan, a very memorable trip and also a safe treatment, all with exact costs and grantee. The patients can just contact us by communicating tools provided for them and after receiving the initial consultant could decide on their trip date. Afterward the whole details and proceedings will be done by our personnel with no need for you to worry about anything related to your trip, visa, stay, tests and other medical procedures.
From the moment of arrival, the travelers will meet with their personal concomitant, who will accompany them during the trip. After the transfer to the hotel they will start their checkups and tests and will receive the whole information about the surgery procedure and other facts and at the end of the day they will be invited to our welcome party at your hotel. All the services of Noor Medical Center have grantees and all the costs will be paid off after the treatment and in the case of patient’s satisfaction.