ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat In Iran)


ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) is one of the most important branches of the surgical specialties and as the name suggests, it is related to ear, nose and throat parts of the body. There are specialist surgeons that specifically work on ENT surgeries. These surgeries involve treatments for breathing problems, recovering and improving the senses of olfaction and hearing, eating and drinking problems and diseases that relate to speaking difficulties. ENT treatments are very important cause they are directly involved with breathing, eating, and other vital activities.

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Ear Surgeries

Ear surgeries are very common and safe nowadays. The new technologies and laser tool drastically helped this important medical department have more success with the surgeries. If patients suffer from a damaged ear or are deaf, ear surgeries provide different tools to repair damaged ears or use implants for deaf people to detect various sounds. Also, ear surgeries include cosmetic operations for patients who want to have a better appearance. Ear surgeries include removing ear tumors, reconstruction of the ear, replacement of pinna, laser surgery and more.

Cochlear Implants

If you have a damaged inner ear, then there is a pretty easy and safe way of getting back your hearing ability is cochlear implants. These cochlear implants recover your hearing ability by sending sound signals to your brain and making it possible to recognize to sounds of the environment surrounding you. Also, with these cochlear implants, you can focus more in the very noisy and crowded environments. Moreover, you can enjoy listening to music without a problem and talking with the phone without a problem.

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Chronic Otitis Media (COM)

Chronic otitis media (COM) happens when bacteria find a way into the middle of the ear by using the Eustachian tube. This results in an infection that can damage the ears and have a bad impact on the hearing process. Doctors usually diagnose the chronic otitis media by some combination of symptoms like problems in hearing and pain in the ear. Also, this can be recognized by observing an inflamed eardrum directly. ENT specialists that are called otologist are experts in this area and can help patients greatly.

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Ear Tumors

Recognizing ear tumors is a challenge. Patients may never feel that there is a tumor in their ear until a hearing problem shows itself or the tumors gets big enough that you can see it. There are two types of ear tumors that are called cancerous (malignant) and noncancerous (benign). For diagnosing these tumors you should definitely see a specialist doctor. The most common and effective way to get rid an ear tumor is a surgery. These kinds of surgeries normally are very safe and easy and patients recover from it soon after.

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Other Hearing Loss Treatments

There are various types of treatments for hearing problems and loss but everyone can’t use every option because a specific treatment is for a specific problem and situation. There are some simple but long-term treatments like using hearing aids. This isn’t an option for restoring hearing but it is suitable for improving hearing ability. But most common treatments are medical. Medical intervention is effective for conductive hearing loss and also the sensorineural hearing loss that is permanent.

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Head and Neck Surgeries


Otolaryngology or head and neck surgical specialty are one of the most important branches of medical and surgical industry. There should be a professional otolaryngology team to diagnose and treat head and neck problems that need a surgical operation. These problems include chronic head and neck problems, acute, ear disorders, facial nerve disorders, acoustic neuroma, head and neck tumors and more. Head and neck surgeries usually have low risks and other than common risks of surgical operations, it is mainly safe and effective

Oropharyngeal Cancer Surgery

Oropharyngeal cancer can be very challenging to treat but there are a few effective ways that patient suffering from this disease can benefit from and one of the most effective ways are through oropharyngeal cancer surgery. The risk of getting oropharyngeal cancer is increased when you smoke regularly or you are infected with human papillomavirus. The oropharyngeal cancer surgery can be a challenge but specialist in this field could help patients get back their health by effectively performing this surgery.

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Laryngeal Surgery (Laryngectomyy)

Larynx or voice box is very sensitive and can be damaged, diseased or be cancerous. In these situations, the doctors usually suggest a laryngeal surgery (laryngectomy) and in this procedure, the diseased or damaged part will be removed. Like any other surgery, laryngeal surgery has some risks and can have severe side effects. So in order to prevent this, there are little and safer procedures after laryngeal surgery that can help patients recover and reduce the chance of risks and side effects.

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Thyroidectomy and Parathyroidectomy

There are two types of Thyroidectomy and parathyroidectomy: partial Thyroidectomy and Parathyroidectomy and total Thyroidectomy and Parathyroidectomy. As the name suggests the first type is related to the removal of some parts of the thyroid gland and total Thyroidectomy and Parathyroidectomy is related to removing the whole thyroid gland. The purpose of this procedure is to effectively diagnose and treatment of the process in the case of a successful operation. This is a very safe and effective surgery but has some consequences like the pain in the surgery area and hypothyroidism in some cases.

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Endoscopic Resection of Skull Base Tumors

Endoscopic Resection of Skull Base Tumors is an effective way of dealing with skull base tumors like craniopharyngiomas. in the early years of performing this surgery, surgeons used to remove these skull base tumors using transcranial skull base techniques but now thanks to the amazing progress in the endoscope technologies and surgeries, the surgeons can deal with much fewer risks and challenges and more successfully remove the whole skull base tumors. Endoscopic resection is growing every day and the success rate of tumor surgeries is getting up.

Bridges and crown are cemented onto existing teeth or implants, and they only can be removed by a dentist.

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Many people born with their nose airways blocked and they have trouble breathing. Also, this can happen through an incident. Another nose problem that many people suffer from is chronic sinus disease. In order to treat these problems, surgeon benefit from a nose and sinus surgery that resolves the problem completely. These nose and sinus surgeries usually take 1 or 2 hours and often the patient is free to go home and rest after the surgery.

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) is a great way to widen the sinus air cells of the patients. This procedure happens with an endoscope and nowadays it is very acceptable in the surgical and medical community for solving nose and breathing issues. The term functional comes from the type of this surgery that is endoscopic and in order to prevent from confusion with non-endoscopic surgeries, this procedure is called functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) and it is a more effective way treating this kind of problems.

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There are a group of children that have a problem sleeping and usually snort or have obstructive sleep apnoea. Snoring in sleep for children is not normal at all and children who suffer from this don’t get appropriate and quality sleep. In this situations, adenotonsillectomy is needed. This surgery can be done in one day and doesn’t require heavy time and money investment. The hardest part is that you recognize this in your children and take action. Like any other surgeries, Adenotonsillectomy has some risks for bleeding after the procedure.

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Rhinoplasty and Nasal Reconstruction

Rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction is a very important and delicate process that involves analysis and taking action for reconstructing the nose and keeping it in a good shape that has a good relationship and angle with the face. For many years surgeons took advantage of rhinoplasty to help patients have a better breathing process and of course a better appearance. Nasal length, the harmony between the different segments of the nose and the face, rotation and other factors play a part in rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction.

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Sleep Apnea Surgery

Sleep apnea is a common problem between children and adults and can be relatively annoying to people around you. In sleep apnea, some parts of the patient’s airway gets blocked and they begin to snooze. To solve this problem there are an effective way and it is sleep apnea surgery. There are other ways for this but when if they don’t work, this surgery is the last way. Depending on what causes the apnea, sleep apnea surgery can focus on these parts: tongue, nose, jaw, neck and more.

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Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)

Lacrimal sac and nasolacrimal duct obstruction can be a painful and challenging disease that have a bad impact on the health of many patients. In these situations, Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) can be a great way to treat these patients and make their life drastically easier. DCR is known as a standard treatment for nasolacrimal duct obstruction and you should know that it is not a very severe and serious condition and can be treated easily. But you should be aware that leaving nasolacrimal duct obstruction untreated is a bad practice and may cause serious problems for you.

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Medical Tourism in IRAN


Iran is a big country in the Middle East of Asia, with a considerable history in medicine and treatment. Famous doctors such as Abu-Ali-Sina and medical instructors like Zakaria Razi, discoverer of alcohol, lived in this country. Nowadays, Iran is one of the major medical centers in the region and also in the world, due to the fact that it has well-equipped treating centers, trained personnel, experienced specialists and doctors and also offers very logic prices. Cosmetic surgery and beauty and plastic treatments can be described as the biggest reason for the medical trips to Iran. Along with the modern and advanced knowledge Iranian specialists in the treatment of infertility and related problems, over 500,000 people from all over the world travel to Iran from the Arab and Asian countries every year.

Many hospitals in Iran have a separating section for the treatment of international patients. This service along with trained personnel provides patients resident and special care services based on their needs. All of these centers are under the direct supervision of the Iranian Ministry of Health and have received standards in this regard.

By the use of mentioned advantages and making use of the latest medical, tourism and management methods, Noor Medical Center tries to provide the customers a very good and regular travelling plan, a very memorable trip and also a safe treatment, all with exact costs and grantee. The patients can just contact us by communicating tools provided for them and after receiving the initial consultant could decide on their trip date. Afterward the whole details and proceedings will be done by our personnel with no need for you to worry about anything related to your trip, visa, stay, tests and other medical procedures.

From the moment of arrival, the travelers will meet with their personal concomitant, who will accompany them during the trip. After the transfer to the hotel they will start their checkups and tests and will receive the whole information about the surgery procedure and other facts and at the end of the day they will be invited to our welcome party at your hotel. All the services of Noor Medical Center have grantees and all the costs will be paid off after the treatment and in the case of patient’s satisfaction.