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Nour Medical

We are leading Medical Tourism Company in Iran and the middle east, providing Health and Beaty services with Global Quality and Affordable Price.

Nour Medical; todays medical knowledge and an experience as much as centuries.
Nour Medical is a company that offers tourism services along with healthcare and beautifying services. The management goal of our company is providing our customers a high level of satisfaction with the use of the best methods around the world in terms of treatment procedures, travelling plans with vary exact and clarified costs and grantees.
Nour Medical purpose is to absorb maximum customer satisfaction by experiencing a luxury trip based on a very regular and specific trip schedule along with a very comfort treatment procedure with the use of modern, high-tech and cost-effective treatment methods.
Our specialists and coworkers in Nour Medical center try to provide customers with 24-hour support in terms of needed information and treatment consultant over the 7 days of week plus accompanying the patients throughout the journey.
Our payment services are postpaid in case of your satisfaction on the job done. So the patients would feel less stressed during the procedure. Also the patients will be given bunch of useful and needed information in types of catalogs and instructions about their travel, stay, treatment, before and after care dos and don’ts and etc. all the information provided to you are collected by specialized doctors and tourism agencies so you don’t need to worry about anything.

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Our Team

Pooya Khoshbakht
Pooya KhoshbakhtBusiness Process Manager
Mohammad Mahdi Kouchakyazdi
Mohammad Mahdi KouchakyazdiProduct Manager
Alireza Shiravand
Alireza ShiravandWebsite and Technology Manager
Afsaneh Hajiani
Afsaneh HajianiGraphic and Content Manager
Sahar Kamyab
Sahar KamyabGraphic and Content Manager
Hanadi Jome
Hanadi JomeArabic Content Manager

Our Mission

Nour Medical Center is a medical company that intends to provide advice and consultant services, tourism and cosmetic treatment using specialized force in the tourism industry and relying on today’s medical knowledge in Iran using modern healthcare facilities. Our mission is to offer a memorable and luxurious journey along with the provision of medical services. As Iran offers a high tourism potential at a very competitive prices in comparison to other countries.
We at Nour Medical control the quality of our customer’s trip based on the best process management tools and try to provide the best online services during their travels. These services include informing all the stages of the trip to a precise and specific plan, providing clear and accounted costs with a guarantee of successful treatment and consulting services before and after treatment.

Our Vision

In the next 10 years, we are trying to turn Iran into the cosmetic treatment capital of Asia, by which not only could travelers and patients enjoy a luxury tourism travel, but also benefit from a very safe and up to date cosmetic treatment procedure with a world-class quality and more affordable price in comparison to other countries in the world.