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Modern Hospitals with Experienced Doctors


Mustafa Hospital

Mostafa Hospital is a private medical center located in central Tehran. After a considerable rise in the number of foreign patients seeking treatments at the hospital,


Basir Eye Center

Basir Eye Hospital was founded in 1993 through the efforts of Dr Ahmad Shojaei Baghini to become the first private center of the country offering ophthalmologic services


Gandhi Hospital

Gandhi Hotel-Hospital complex, with an area of over 32,000 square meters, in 22 floors for diagnosis, treatment and accommodations and 11 floors for specialized clinics which have been designed according to the international standards


Erfan Hospital

The specialized (private) Erfan hotel-hospital, was established on December 12, 2006, to provide advanced healthcare and care services with the aim of adhering to human values. The hospital has 200 active beds, including private rooms (with two beds), VIP beds and 70 special beds


Nikan Hospital

On June 27th, 2011 Nikan hospital-hotel was officially opened. During the first year of evaluation, Nikan got the first high rank in Accreditation and Patient safety and became the first private hospital in Iran to earn the Green Award International certificate.


Moheb Mehr Hospital

Moheb Mehr Hospital is famous and popular among people because of its expert specialists, experienced nurses, and good services provided for patients. Why choosing Moheb Mehr hospital?

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What We Do?

Noor Medical Center is a leading healthcare company in the field of health tourism. The company specializes in cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatments. Although it also carries out its services in the field of other therapies. The company’s services include testing, cosmetic surgery and treatment, travel and tourism management of patients, visa and airline tickets managements, travel insurance and patient’s insurances, and beauty and treatment consultant.
All Noor Medical services and procedure are designed based on today management strategies and the use of the best time scheduling and customer management systems, enabling the company to reach a satisfactory system working the best for our customers based on time and quality.
The most important indicator of Noor Medical Center is a very logic and comparable prices in comparison to similar existing companies. Apart from that our focus is on global quality and a high rate of satisfaction among our customers. Noor Medical company provides health tourism services in many Iranian cities such as Mashhad, Shiraz and Yazd.